Florence Glen EP – “Spread them eggs”

I had the real pleasure to work with Florence Glen on her four-track EP. My role as producer was to select four songs from her extensive back catalogue and create musical arrangements that would enhance her skillful writing and explore/create the “Florence Glen sound”. She has been played and reviewed on BBC Six Music, Tom Robinson introducing and Fresh On The Net.

The arrangement is well crafted and intriguing.

It has been another great opportunity to invest in top session musicians and mix engineers such as Geoff Gascoyne (Double Bass) and John Park (Drums) and George Shilling (mix engineer and producer) as they bring new life to the songs and help the arrangements blossom.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with Flo, she is especially talented and it’s so lovely to be working on songs that I’d personally buy if I heard them on the radio. Her EP is now released and you can purchase a digital or CD copy here.

Great writing and vocals, hugely experienced players and a very astute production. Thumbs up!

Florence Glen At Chocolate Box Studio


Flo has a great feature on her Facebook page: every week she posts a recording for New Music Monday. So go and like her page and enjoy some of this talented lady's new tunes:

Jules Rendell, The Lotus Bloom EP

Remember Jules Rendell from her track Thank You here? She came to the studio last year to record her vocals for her new EP, The Lotus Bloom, and it’s now at the final stages of production.

Jules Rendell performing into microphoneThe Lotus Bloom EP is a beautiful, soulful set of songs, uplifting vocals and a laid-back live sound. Up till now Jules has funded the whole EP herself, but now she is running a Pledge Music campaign, where fans can help her reach her financial target to mix, master and release the EP, and receive a gift in return. Jules has been really inventive and for your pledge you can choose from as little as a digital download or CD, a one-to-one singing lesson (she’s a trained singing teacher), a private gig or even to commission a song for yourself or someone you love.

Jules’ music is very meaningful and worth a listen anyway, so visit www.julesrendell.co.uk or go straight to the Pledge page here to support.