The Missing People Choir and Alice Gross’s song

The Missing People Choir with James Hawkins Directing

I’m extremely proud to have continued work with an amazing and strong group of people who come together to sing for their missing loved ones. The Missing People Choir is made up of family members and friends who have lost a loved one. They are the most significant group of voices I’ve ever worked with and what we create together goes way beyond just singing. There is real purpose, a strong message, a release of true and deeply felt emotion as every word being sung is fuelled with the hope of reaching a missing person, a missing loved one, son, daughter, sister, brother, child…. It really is a very special choir.

This year I was invited to create a vocal arrangement of Alice Gross’s song, Don’t Let It Go Away. The choir and I met six times to rehearse and prepare for the performance at St Martin in the Fields on December 7th at the Missing People Christmas Service. The service was extremely well attended and all the readings were especially poignant. Rosalind Hodgkiss, mother of Alice, who was found murdered in 2014, appeared on Good Morning Britain in December to talk about her daughter and how Missing People supported them in the weeks she was missing. You can watch it here.

The choir performed at a slightly smaller service at York Minster the following week where they sang both Alice’s song and last year’s song, I Miss You, and the message was as strong as it was in London. Heart breaking. You can read more about the song I Miss You and our journey to write and record it here.

If you would like to support the Missing People Charity then please follow the link and purchase the song here

Men of the Missing People Choir in 2015

Missing People Choir ladies 2015

Jim Hawkins Choir Director

More wonderful photos of the choir singing together this November are here. Many thanks to Caroline Jones Photography for her marvellous work.

The Official Video “Don’t Let It Go Away”

The Military Wives Choir and the race to be Christmas No.1!

Military Wives Choir Recording 500 Miles

I had great fun arranging and producing, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) for the Military Wives and Walking with the Wounded Charity! The ladies from the Military Wives’ Choir were an absolute joy to work with and were both a lot of fun but extremely professional and hard working! It was inspiring to work alongside Rachel Smith, the choir director; she was incredible and paid such attention to detail.

The Christmas single, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), reached 47 in the iTunes chart and was performed live on Good Morning Britain by members from the choir during December.

We recorded the choir in a day at Metropolis Studios, which is where Adele had recorded most of her recent album, and I created the final musical arrangement over the following two days. It was mixed and mastered here at Chocolate Box Studios by the astoundingly talented Ash Alexander who can be heard playing guitar on the track. A fantastic effort by all involved and I’m very proud of the outcome.

Walking with the Wounded is a charity that specialises in supporting military veterans who've suffered injury, physical, mental or social.  They help them re-integrate into society by providing training for qualifications and skills, and giving social support. Please take a look at their website here. 

The Military Wives Choir was founded by Gareth Malone five years ago on the BBC television series, The Choir, that then led to their beautiful Christmas Number One single Wherever You Are in 2011. There are now Military Wives Choirs all over the country with the wonderful mission of bringing together the women who support our serving soldiers through singing together. Find out more here.

You can still purchase the single here.

Military Wives Choir I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

If you watch the video below, you might catch a couple of glimpses of Jim's magic pointer finger at work!

Military Wives Sessions at Metropolis Studio


The Official Video

SIGN2SING “As One” and “Get Up And Sign” singles produced by Jim Hawkins and Bottletop Music Productions

Written by Tom Gearing, Sarah Lindsay, Pippa Gearing

Recorded and Produced by Jim Hawkins

Co-produced by Tom Gearing