The Missing People Choir on Britain’s Got Talent 2017

The Missing People Choir mosaic of members

The Missing People Choir was created in June 2014 by James Hawkins Music and the charity Missing People for those who have had someone missing in their lives.

Most recently James was proud to have prepared and directed the choir’s Britain’s Got Talent audition on the London Palladium stage. Read how Simon Cowell tips them as a favourite in the competition.

James says, “When the choir auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent they weren’t nervous at all; it was just like any other performance because for them it is not about winning or losing a competition. They are singing for a reason, to reach out to a loved one.”

The first episode of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent was on ITV on Saturday 15th April 2017.

You can read more about The Missing People Choir here.