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Choc Box Studios Pre Amps

Recording, Programming and Mixing

I typically program in Logic Pro or Pro Tools and use various popular virtual instruments, samplers and synthesisers. My studio sound palette ranges from those built into Logic Pro through to the Komplete 8, Kontakt, Spectrasonics, Addictive Drums and Keys, Garritan, Abbey Road, Spitfire and East West sample libraries.

The studio is centred around the Audient ZEN analogue mixer, an Apollo 16 interface, the Neve 8816 and an iMac.

My microphone cupboard contains the usual suspects from Neumann, Micro-Geffel, Shure, Rode, AKG, sE and some Golden Age Project ribbon microphones.

Editing and mixing

I generally choose to mix in Pro Tools and typically call upon hardware analogue pre-amps, UAD and Waves plugins, along with the odd independent plugin manufacturer such as Massey Plugins.

I mix on the highly regarded ATC SCM25a Pros.

If you would like a detailed specification of the studio please contact me directly and I will send it to you as a PDF file.

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  1. Hi James, I live locally and am a classically trained violist (RCM/Trinity). I’ve been playing/teaching viola and violin for years and am interested in increasing my experience in recording. Therefore I would be very interested in being involved in any future projects you might have. Find me here or feel free to email.

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