James Hawkins directing choirs at Abbey Road Studios

Sing in Jim Hawkins’ Eclipse Choir

Would you like to be part of a new, fun, fresh and performance-driven choir led by Jim Hawkins?

Jim runs two choir groups, which rehearse on Mondays and Thursdays respectively in Kingston Upon Thames. He established Eclipse Choir in spring 2015 with the aim of creating a choir where local, amateur singers can progress their singing, and begin or progress their sight reading. The choirs are professionally run, friendly and welcoming, and Jim has an informal, engaging and high quality of teaching. The groups tackle a wide range of repertoire, from Adele to Adagio for Strings arranged for voice set to Agnus Dei.

To find out more about auditions or our next concert (Christmas Concert 2016 is on Thurs 22nd December at All Saints in Kingston) check out our website!


More about the new Eclipse Choir
Jim Hawkins conducting choir

  • Regular choir performances.
  • Compete in festivals and other fun choral events.
  • Learn a wide variety of beautiful, challenging and some bespoke repertoire.
  • Exciting singing/performance opportunities.
  • Soloist opportunities.
  • Learn from musical scores.
  • Be a part of social, community and charity events.


Learn, sing and be merry!

Would you love singing in a choir with Jim?

If you feel the following statements reflect your thoughts on music, signing and being in a choir then Jim is very interested in meeting with you.
Happiness is ... singing in a choir

  • I have a passion for music, singing and performing.
  • I take pride in doing things well.
  • I want to develop my musical ability through use of musical notation, rehearsal and experienced guidance.
  • Singing and music affects your mood.
  • I feel amazing after a good sing!
  • I’m ready for my next vocal challenge!
  • I aspire to sing a solo in front of an audience.
  • Fun is working hard and playing harder.
  • I want to make a difference in the community and also help raise awareness for local charities.



About Jim Hawkins, choir leader

Jim is an outstanding choir director. He has an enthusiastic, sensitive but engaging style of teaching and wants to bring out the best in both the choir members and the music being performed. He has worked professionally for over 17 years as a music teacher, choir director, music arranger, composer, producer, performer, and in his mind, remains life-long student of music. He feels that these two choirs will be one of his most exciting projects to date!

Jim spent six years, up until April 2015, working for Rock Choir and building a large, loyal group of singers in South West London and Surrey, and Bromley and Orpington. Now he is on a new journey, which is part of a long-held vision of his. Please do sign up to our newsletter using the form at the foot of the page to hear first about future choir and singing opportunities.

Jim has a real talent for bringing the best out of his groups, helping them understand the message and mechanics of each piece, and reaching for the goal of a unified, controlled sound.


Being part of your choir for the past six years has been a fantastic experience for me gaining so much musical knowledge along the way.”

Just wanted to say a personal thank you for being such an inspirational, patient and dedicated choir master. Your musical talent is incredible and I am so going to miss it along with the ‘Bonjour’s, giggles and general positive enthusiasm which makes me feel that even I can sing!!”

You’ve inspired me to start singing again, encourage me, challenged me to try out for solos and have been an inspiration to watch at your work every week.”

Highlights from years gone by

Abbey-Rd-2013-Jim-ConductingIn the last six years the choirs have attained standards of singing they never imagined and experienced performing in some iconic venues, like the Tower of London, the O2 arena, Hammersmith Apollo, the Royal Festival Hall, Wembley Stadium and recorded in Abbey Road Studios. In addition, the choirs often teamed up with local and national charities, such as Missing People, to raise awareness and vital funds at community events.

To read about a few of those memorable occasions, browse the choirs posts from Jim’s blog here.

Jim also leads all-day singing workshops, which are open to all and are gloriously uplifting, fun and challenging! Sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to hear about upcoming workshops.

45 comments on “Choirs

  1. Hi Jim/Cheryl. Sounds exciting, is there any flexibility to audition for one choir but move to the other? Is the chamber choir going to be modern/contemporary/rock or classical? Any idea of cost? Thanks Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, Yes, you are completely welcome to check out both choirs. So please do sign up to audition if you’re interested in the chamber choir. There’s no commitment to either choir at this stage, you’ll have time to choose or do both! Jim will explain more when he meets you. As for repertoire, there will an array of music including classical, it won’t be all pop or rock, but there might be some. The music, as Jim says, will be suited to the size of the choir and I know he’s got lovely things lined up. I’ll leave Jim to explain costs when you meet – we will ensure you get superb value for money. Best wishes, Cheryl

    • Hi Linda, you are on the list. Signed up 21st Jan 2014. If you’re not getting the emails, please could you double check the Spam and mark this email as safe? Let me know how you get on, thanks! Cheryl

    • Hi Paula, thank you, it’s great to hear that. There will be other stand-alone choir workshops too this year taking place on Saturdays and open to all. I am not able to release any details yet, but we will let our subscribers know first of course! Best wishes, Cheryl.

  2. Please sign me up to the newsletter. I’ve loved being part of Jim’s Kingston rock choir for the past almost 6 years. Thank you. Jenny

    • Hi Jenny, I’ve checked our list and you are subscribed (20th July 2014) so maybe the email went into your Spam folder. If so, please make it safe and you’ll get the next one safely I hope. Best wishes, Cheryl

  3. I’m assuming the choirs will be local to you Jim, making them a bit far away for me to travel to on a weekly basis. However, I loved the workshops I came to and would therefore like to be informed of others.

    • Hi Anne-Marie, You’re right. We are starting up in Wimbledon, but there will be day workshops that we’ll definitely look at different venues for. Hope to see you at one of those instead 🙂
      Cheryl x

  4. I would love to have joined you but I live in Hertfordshire, are there any plans to start a choir in nw London eg Harrow, Watford or Uxbridge. If so I will be there in. Flash. Good luck in the new venture

  5. Have already signed up for the main choir. I would also like to have a go at auditioning for the Chamber choir ( not sure what level of singing ability is required), as I would like to tackle some more challenging pieces ( if able!). Thanks

    • Hi Susie, the two nights we are looking at are Monday and Thursday and there will be a general temperature check to find the best day for the choir during the audition process. I’m sure Jim will be able to announce that shortly! Best, Cheryl

  6. Hello Cheryl I see that a slot has come vacant at 8pm tomorrow. Please could I swop my 8.40 as it will be easier to find my way on unfamiliar roads in the daylight – if not possible I will still come at 8.40 – thanks very much Alison

    • Hi Philly, we’ve just sent out invitations to audition to all the people who already expressed an interest. I’ll forward you the email now. Best wishes, Cheryl x

  7. Hi,
    Please could you make sure that My e-mail is on the newsletter list. I have loved all the rehearsals and performances that I’ve taken part in over the past 4 years. However, I think the main choir would be another commitment for me in the evening (Wednesday morning Rock choir suits me fine. Also I tend to go away quite a bit too.) But I would love to get details of the one-day workshops. I really enjoyed the Vintage Vocals one last summer. Good luck with the new choirs – I’m sure they will take off and go well. Only too sorry I won’t be part of it.

    • Hi Joy, Thanks for your message and thanks for your encouragement! I’ve double checked and you are subscribed. (Signed up April 11th 2015). Hope to see you soon! Best wishes, Cheryl

  8. Hello Cheryl, could you add me to your mailing list please as I am very interested in Jim’s new choirs. I am coming along tonight for the main choir audition, looking forward to it. The very best of luck to both of you.
    Sarah x

  9. Hi Is it to late to be considered for the new choirs? Recently worked with Jim at the Missing Peoples Choir and would love to do some more singing led by him.

  10. Hi Cheryl! This looks amazing! I used to be in a church choir but I struggled with reading the sheet music that was given to me, do I need to be a confident reader to join your choir? thanks, Penny x

    • Hi Penny, Thanks for your message and feedback! And I’m sorry I only just picked it up. My sincere apologies to you. No you don’t need to be confident reader. In fact as part of the choir, Jim is teaching an element of theory or two each week, so we all keep learning. He’s also planning (hush hush) a Music Theory grade 1 in a day workshop in the summer… if you’re interested in learning new skills. No dates yet, but please sign up to the mailing list (see footer below) and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s been arranged. As for the choirs, we’re in week 4 now, and auditions closed some time ago, but again, I will let you know as soon as the next term auditions start if you’d like to try it out 🙂 Sorry it’s not the best answer, and that’s my fault for missing your message, but hopefully it sounds good for the summer! Best wishes, cheryl

  11. Hi there! I accosted you in Kingston on Monday. That’s my email. If you’re ever interested in a collaboration or a joint concert/appearance, give me a shout. Our next self organised gig will likely be November.
    Best regards, Mily

    • Hi Mily! Thanks for your message. Sorry I only just picked this up! My bad. You gave me a giggle actually. Sometimes I forget that I go about singing all the time 😉 I’m sure it will be good to keep in touch as we’re definitely up for a bit of choir networking and joining forces for things like Big Sings etc. It looks, from your website, like you’ve got a busy weekend coming up too! Hopefully we’ll be running some more specialist choir recording weekends and workshops soon too, which you guys might be interested in. We might be able to see you this weekend too, good luck! Cheryl x

  12. Hi Cheryl. Am I being thick but how to I access any homework/ / resources that I am told we are getting in Main choir. When I log in (mind you it is on my phone) I can’t find anything. Sue

  13. I am interested in hearing more about joining the main choir this autumn. Please could you let me know the next steps? Many thanks, Lynn

    • Hi Lynn, That’s great news! We’re going to send an email out this week with details. We’ve literally just confirmed the new venue today for the winter, which is very exciting! Jim’s going to hold a little audition in his studio so please sign up for the mailing list and we’ll let you know ASAP. Cheryl x

    • Hi Eileen, I am so sorry, I only just found your comment. I must have missed the notification email. Anyway, the Richmond Workshop was a terrific success and I hope you went along. Jim is looking forward to returning next year (in a warmer venue) for another one!
      If you’d like to find out more about Eclipse Choir, you can email Jane on or visit our website at We’ll be starting the summer term in a few weeks, and our spring time concert is on Saturday 9th April 2016 if you’d like to hear us perform live!

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