Make your Pledge Music campaign a success story

Pledge Music is a fantastic way to partly or fully fund your next album or EP. However, it is not easy to achieve your target within the deadline if you have never run a structured marketing campaign before. Working with James Hawkins Music, you can make your Pledge Music campaign a success story with hard work and our specific help!

We have the expertise and experience to guide you from campaign inception to project completion.  We will work with you to plan, co-ordinate and integrate your campaign using social media, events, email, your website and word of mouth. And then we do the fun stuff – we make the music! (By that time we’ll know inside-out what you want to achieve musically as well).

The Rockabellas Pledge Music Success StoryThe Rockabellas Pledge Music success story was a result of creative planning as a team.

We recently completed the full production of the Rockabellas’ album (released on April 3rd 2015). Their Pledge Music campaign success followed four months of planning, activity, analysis and refinement with us to achieve their financial goal. You can hear some of the album and the story of the album’s production here.

Please get in touch if you’d like to hear what we can offer on a similar project.

The Rockabellas’ Debut Album 2015 – “Bring It Back!”

From Pledge Music through to Project Completion

Following their successful Pledge Music campaign last year, I set about producing the debut album for The Rockabellas.

Having been fully invested in the project from the start of the Pledge campaign, my role as producer covered a broad range of musical duties and I took a very hands-on approach. I was there to assist The Rockabellas in generating creative ideas as well as producing the songs and melodies they brought to me.

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The Rockabellas debut self-penned album, "Bright it Back!"
Album produced by James Hawkins Music

Composition, Arrangement and Production

The Rockabellas are known for having a vintage vibe, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing the string arrangements, brass and other instrumental parts. Then actually recording them with session pals made this album an absolute joy to produce.

The songwriting was a team effort for the first few songs, but then the girls found their stride and went on to complete the album, which is an assortment of sounds centred by The Rockabellas’ trademark close vocal harmonies.

We recorded in various studios, including my private studio in Kingston, The Bunker, and most notably, Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios.

The great George Shilling mixed and mastered the album and I’m extremely happy with the result!

Production values

I’ve selected some favourite moments from The Rockabellas’ album which you can hear below. These are backing tracks so that you can hear the musical arrangements and production layers. If you’d like to hear more of the album it’s on iTunes, or to purchase a CD copy please visit It’s a great feel good and fun listen so don’t miss out!



Jules Rendell, The Lotus Bloom EP

Remember Jules Rendell from her track Thank You here? She came to the studio last year to record her vocals for her new EP, The Lotus Bloom, and it’s now at the final stages of production.

Jules Rendell performing into microphoneThe Lotus Bloom EP is a beautiful, soulful set of songs, uplifting vocals and a laid-back live sound. Up till now Jules has funded the whole EP herself, but now she is running a Pledge Music campaign, where fans can help her reach her financial target to mix, master and release the EP, and receive a gift in return. Jules has been really inventive and for your pledge you can choose from as little as a digital download or CD, a one-to-one singing lesson (she’s a trained singing teacher), a private gig or even to commission a song for yourself or someone you love.

Jules’ music is very meaningful and worth a listen anyway, so visit or go straight to the Pledge page here to support.