Singing Workshop for Army Trainers

Jim Hawkins leads a workshop for Army Trainers at Pirbright in Surrey on 6th Jan 2017

Singing as a way of breaking barriers

Jim was approached by a Major at Pirbright, Surrey, to put on a unique workshop for the Army Training Regiment on 6th January 2017.

The participants were not expecting to be singing in their training session, and this was part of the plan, to bring them out of their comfort zone, and have a taste of being a novice learner again. Singing is a great leveller, and the group found that they had to let go of their inhibitions and get stuck in, which was an excellent team-building task.

Feedback from the client:

To an extremely talented Jim Hawkins thank you so much for your time today. The instructors of the Army Training Regiment at Pirbright absolutely loved their lesson-what an experience! Corporate leadership and coaching through the power of music never sounded better! We are now bonded with a new team song and full of energy to get on with training a new intake of 130 x recruits starting Monday. Great out of the box learning, and taught so well- I have never heard 33 x soldiers sound so good and some are now interested in joining a choir, which is a result!

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