Mixing Live Performance for Jules Rendell

Mixing Live Performance Sounds

Mixing Live Performance from the Lotus Bloom EP
Jules Rendell | The Lotus Bloom EP

Back at the end of January the delightful Jules Rendell held her launch gig for the EP The Lotus Bloom at the London Hippodrome Casino. The Lotus Bloom is a well-made, classy EP, and her songs make for a heart-simmering listen. Take two minutes to wallow in this: it’s the live recording, which James mixed in his studio, of the song, A Token Of My Love, which is also James’s favourite from the record (and which he admits to listening to on repeat in his car – a rare accolade). FYI, the pianist is Mr Rob Barron, who we’re kind of in love with during this song.  Jules was so impressed with Jim’s mix that he’s going to do more. Watch this space!


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