Make your Pledge Music campaign a success story

Pledge Music is a fantastic way to partly or fully fund your next album or EP. However, it is not easy to achieve your target within the deadline if you have never run a structured marketing campaign before. Working with James Hawkins Music, you can make your Pledge Music campaign a success story with hard work and our specific help!

We have the expertise and experience to guide you from campaign inception to project completion.  We will work with you to plan, co-ordinate and integrate your campaign using social media, events, email, your website and word of mouth. And then we do the fun stuff – we make the music! (By that time we’ll know inside-out what you want to achieve musically as well).

The Rockabellas Pledge Music Success StoryThe Rockabellas Pledge Music success story was a result of creative planning as a team.

We recently completed the full production of the Rockabellas’ album (released on April 3rd 2015). Their Pledge Music campaign success followed four months of planning, activity, analysis and refinement with us to achieve their financial goal. You can hear some of the album and the story of the album’s production here.

Please get in touch if you’d like to hear what we can offer on a similar project.

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